automation && randomness

notify me

get notified at your favorite channel when your topic gets mentioned on social media, reddit, blogs, news etc.


one password for all things

Secure passwords are important to keep your stuff safe but hard to remember - especially if you need more than one. Apps like 1password and pass helps you manage this mess by storing them behind a master password. All you need to remember is one password. 1pw is really user friendly and simple to sync across multiple devices. Pass follows the unix philosophy and allows for greater flexibility.

randomness through atmospheric noise

bot vs bot


schedule meetings with a bot

Let's say your in an e-mail thread with 1+ friends and you decide to meet up. Instead of going back and forth over when to schedule - add clara to the conversation and let her handle the details. Better yet - if everyone is signed up with clara - let them add her as well and let the bots talk to each other for maximum efficiancy!

We took a stab at it with MIRL at uppsala hackathon 2016.


It's the way a man chooses to limit himself that determines his character. A man without habits, consistency, redundancy - and hence boredom - is not human. He's insane.


automating ELI5

The demo features a whitelist of 1000 simple everyday words. Inspired by the beautiful thing explainer but in Swedish - using this whitelist.


Fork on github

randomly created album covers

A bot for r/fakealbumcovers. Needs some work. Particularly the fonts and their placement. Fork on github.

the Rules


infinite monkey theorem

a monkey hitting keys at random on a typewriter keyboard for an infinite amount of time will almost surely type a given text, such as the complete works of William Shakespeare.

src and demo

Dawkins was rather fond of the idea too even though it's misleading as a case for natural selection.

a cdn for npm


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