automation && randomness

bengt ♥ csv

A friendly data munger for your csv. Group, filter and export to file - all in the browser - for security concerns. Check him out on github or the demo

commit message generator

Refactored configuration


automate the internet

Connect random api:s with ifttt and zapier. Anything from iot-devices to social media to spotify. Really simple pub/sub UI:s with recipes containing triggers and actions.

random id

And in one line: cat /proc/sys/kernel/random/uuid

randomize your cooking

Use butler bot to randomize meals from a Trello board. Add him to your board and put the follwing in a card title.

every friday at [time], move [n] randomly-selected cards from list "Meals" to list "Cook this weekend"

ELI5: Why is it impossible to generate truly random numbers with a computer?

The issue stems from the fact that there is nothing random about your computer..

Read more in this awesome thread

randomness through hardware

/dev/random allows access to environmental noise collected from device drivers and other sources.


automating secretary duty @company weekly meeting

n people take turns taking notes at the weekly meeting @company. Assuming a consistent group of people over time and no care for holidays - whose turn is it week x?

If one does not feel like running the function each week - Max would be happy to help.


Automating certain behaviors by performing other behaviors. Skinner was a master at this.

Fred seemed to dispose of envelopes and junk mail in an especially efficient way/.../When he opened his mail in the morning, he usually positioned his chair and trash can so that the very slightest flick of his wrist did the job. This was no accident, and it was part of the reason he was able to reply to virtually every letter he ever received, even until the end.


teaching machine



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